2nd partners meeting in Larisa, Greece

At the end of November 2019, the partnership consortium composed of 8 EU entities working in the educational and nonprofit fields has gathered in Larissa, Greece in order to discuss and sum up the so far achieved project results. Partners have operated several internal evaluation activities beforehand and the project coordinators who attended the meeting have presented the project management and implementation status within their institutions and countries.

Out of the activities, that were held, it appeared that so far that all partners have been excellently dealing with the project tasks and implementation and no delays were observed. As expected, all partners were in a stage of local work phase implementation and had implemented different meetings with fellow partners and Vocational schools in order to support them for operating international apprenticeship and mobility schemes for VET students.

Partners have declared their readiness to apply for EU funding for such projects within the Erasmus+ program framework next year and to provide support where needed to any fellow collaborators which have shown interest in proposing such learning processes for their students. According the evaluation questionnaires done at the end of the reunion, partners have left very satisfied out of the work done, and were ready to step in the core project phase which is the KA102 project application preparation for the 2020 Erasmus+ VET mobility call.