kick-off meeting

Project kick-off meeting, 17-18 April 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

The kick off meeting has given the official start of the project implementation and aimed to foster the strategic planning of the collaboration between the partners during the whole project period. The meeting has allowed the fine-tuning of the structures and clear plan of the activities, to be implemented in the first half of the project life. Also, partners have discussed several milestones to be based on and achieved by the midterm meeting following in November 2019. Partners have discussed and confirmed the guidelines, prepared in prior, regarding how the organizations shall select their local participants for the mobilities, the needed profiles and their clear tasks. The learning activities program details on which participants were trained were also discussed.

In addition the meeting has again reviewed each partner promoters’ internal tasks and responsibilities and all representatives have clearly agreed on that matter. The project budget was an essential matter also discussed between partners especially the lack of pre-financing payments so all promoters have agreed on the fairest ways to finance the activities in meanwhile waiting for the project funding. All the agreements have been confirmed by official contracts prepared by the hosting learning project partner Horizont ProConsult and partners have duly signed them confirming their involvement in the project and agreement on all matters.