WBL_Online Meeting and final stages of project

Partners’ online meeting and final stages of the project

On the 16th of July, the partners of Work-based learning: The Entrance to the Professional Future have met online to discuss the final stages of the project!

In particular, they discussed:

  1. The project dissemination, which is a crucial part of the project,
  2. The progress of the Collaborative Network,
  3. Financial management, and
  4. The upcoming partners’ meeting in Sardinia, Italy in September 2020. The third and final partners’ meeting, which was scheduled to take place in July 2020, has been postponed due to the challenges posed by the global pandemic circumstances. Instead, the partners decided to transfer the meeting in September 2020.

All partners are working hard to complete the project activities!

Among the latest actions of the project is the development of the online Collaborative Network, a tool that allows different European organisations to register and also look for potential collaborations in various EU-funded projects. The utmost purpose of the Network is to connect entities ready to strengthen the implementation of international mobility schemes and to offer more support for such opportunities for young people.

To register on the Collaborative Network visit: https://work-basedlearning.eu/registration/

To find other organisations to collaborate with visit: https://work-basedlearning.eu/registered-organizations/

The partnership also published the Best Practices Report, which is the final product of the project! The report is addressed to every person of any age that wants to know more about the VET sectors in different European countries and the reality of Work Based Learning (WBL). The readers will get familiar with the definitions of the VET and WBL; they will be able to learn about the VET sectors and its specific problems in each partner country; they will see what are the common problems of this sector in the European countries participating in this project and they will gain knowledge on the Work Based Learning.

The full report is available to download for free on the project website: https://work-basedlearning.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/WBL_best-practices_final.pdf